Dec 5, 2010


This morning I was starting to wake up from a dream and was about half conscious. As I was waking up, I heard a rather loud "shh". I thought that my husband had come up into the bedroom with one of the kids and was telling them to be quiet as to not wake me, so I rolled over to see what they were doing. I was greeted by a completely empty room and a closed bedroom door. No one was even upstairs.

Dec 1, 2010

The Abominable Snowman?

A few days ago, my husband had taken the older boys with him to the store and my daughter was playing next door in the neighbor's house. I sat on the couch watching TV with the baby. Out one of the front windows, I noticed movement in the trees. It appeared to be someone wearing white, walking through the trees and brush just on the other side of the sidewalk. I could see the branches and whatnot actually moving as the person passed through the trees. Wondering who the hell would be emerging from the woods, I watched the person pass out of my sight and then watched the other window, expecting them to emerge as they crossed fully out of the tree line. Well, I never saw the person emerge and never saw them pass back through the other window. The windows are only separated by a fireplace, so I could clearly see both from where I was sitting.

Well, I put the baby down and got up to see where this person had gone to, assuming they were simply in my blind spot. No one at all was out there. Let me make it pretty clear that there is nowhere for a person to go out there. In one direction is the woods (where the person emerged from) and in another direction is the cul-de-sac (where they appeared to be heading toward). There is a drop off of about 6-8 feet on the other side of the sidewalk that goes down into an old filled in pool area, but anyone who goes down there is CLEARLY visible from my windows.

Now here is where the situation gets weirder.

As I was looking for the person, I happened to glance over to the section where I saw them initially and something hit me. The ground there isn't level with sidewalk. The person appeared to be to be between about 5'6" or 6' tall......had they been walking on ground level to my sidewalk. Yet, where they were walking is where the drop off to the pool area is and's a good two feet down. So, this person was either floating or around 8 feet tall. Not possible right? I mean, we know people don't float. And how the hell is someone 8 feet tall going to just disappear?

To give anyone reading a better idea, here is an old photo of where the person was seen.

As you can see, there is a sidewalk (it stops there and then there are stairs that lead down to a fence). Then there is about a foot of space before a mini stone border. Beyond that border is where it starts sloping down to the pool area. The person was seen walking through the trees just beyond that.

Here is another photo of the other direction just to give you a better idea of the area. As you can clearly see, it slops down quite a bit. You can also see how easily it would be to see someone walking through here. Sans snow, someone wearing white would be quite visible.

So......what was it?