Jan 30, 2011

Hey! I saw that!

Lately, it has been very quiet around here as far as activity goes. I haven't really experienced much at all. However, last night I did have a small incident that I thought was worthy of writing down.

Saturday is laundry day in our house and due to this I had a basket full of folded laundry sitting in my "office" area next to my desk. The basket was pretty full and had a few of Gabe's button-up shirts draped over the top so that they hung down over the side of the basket. I had been in the living room talking to Gabe and walked into the office area and just as I did the end of his shirt that was hanging over the side of the basket flipped up about an inch and then settled back down. I know it wasn't my imagination because the shadow that the shirt cast on the floor moved too. No one had been in the room. We have no pets at the moment. There was no draft strong enough to move the shirt that much. I even picked up the shirt and shook it out thinking maybe a bug or lizard came in from outside and got on it (since it was near the back door). Nothing was found.

Jan 9, 2011

Last Night

Last night, I was sitting in my bed reading for school. I had the bedroom door wide open and was home with just Orion (who was sleeping in his crib) and Lexie (who was downstairs watching TV). As I was sitting there reading, the door suddenly creaked as if it had moved. There was no draft. Just a moment later, I heard the floorboards at the foot of my bed creak. I continued reading with my head down and saw white appear in the bedroom doorway as if someone was walking into the room. I immediately looked up and no one was there.

Jan 5, 2011

Flashes and White Blurs

I think I posted too soon yesterday.

Last night I went up into my bedroom to get some studying done for school. Out of the corner of my eye, I would randomly see a small white blur moving near my bathroom sink (my sink is in my bedroom in a little nook with the closet door on one side and a door to the rest of the bathroom on the other). The blur was always moving right to left and was low to the ground.

Later on, I started seeing random flashes of light in the same area.

Jan 4, 2011


Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Nothing to report.