Jan 15, 2014


So I told my daughter about what I saw on the track at her school and she responded with, "oh I know, he watches us run a lot when we are out there". She said it like it was nothing...lol. Apparently, he is often seen up there on or around the track. Good to know it wasn't just my eyes playing tricks on me.

Jan 14, 2014

Finally Some Activity

Earlier today I was relaxing and watching a movie when I heard someone walking around in my daughter's bedroom. The only one home besides me was my three year old son who was sound asleep in my bed with the door closed. Both of my dogs were outside and all of the cats were laying on the floor next to me. I heard it on and off for a good two hours and found nothing amiss each time I checked.

Then around 6pm, I decided to go take a run. I have a shin splint, so I decided to just walk up to my daughter's school (a block away) and run around the track there. I was alone except for a few people playing soccer on the field behind the track. It was starting to get dark and as I was coming around the curve of the track I saw someone wearing black cross from the grassy section in the middle of the track to the track in front of me. I started to slow down so I wouldn't run into them and then wondered where they came from since I didn't see anyone else out there. I turned to look at them and they were gone. No one was anywhere to be found. The track is fenced in on two sides with a rock wall on a third side and then a drop down to the soccer field on the farther end. There was nowhere for anyone to go without being seen.

Jan 7, 2014

Nothing to Report

All has been pretty quiet around here lately. I honestly have nothing at all to report.