Apr 16, 2011

Voices and Touches

Lately everyone in the house seems to be hearing voices. Sometimes it is the sound of one of the other family members calling another. Sometimes it is the sound of someone whispering in another room. The other night I was blow drying my hair and I heard someone yell mom several times and I actually stopped a few times to see who it was.

Also, last night someone kept touching me to wake me up. It is just a light tap, but enough to wake me and have me get up expecting to see someone there. My husband wakes me up by tapping my side in the morning and it feels much like that, but always happens in the middle of the night.

Apr 13, 2011

They're here!

Seemingly out of nowhere, the activity here has really picked up.

Sunday night Lexie and I went downtown to the Driskill Hotel to see Chip Coffey. Apparently while we were there, my husband was hearing odd sounds and what appeared to have been distant voices. When Lexie and I returned home that night, we were playing around with a phone application called Ghost Radar that is supposed to pick up on energies and make words out of it as well as show little blips on the radar that are disturbances in the energies around us. Shortly after playing around with this application, we went to bed. As I was trying to sleep, I kept hearing distant music...kind of like someone playing a guitar far away. I couldn't make out where it was coming from (not outside or next door). Later that same night I awoke to the sound of someone talking and rolled over in bed and happened to see someone standing in the hallway looking into my room. I kind of blinked and looked again and no one was there. Whoever it was, they were about as tall as me and wearing white.

The last two nights we have had odd noises and the air has had a "charged" feeling to it in some of the rooms.

Apr 7, 2011


I haven't posted here in a while. Not much has really been happening lately.

The other night I was laying down in bed because I wasn't feeling well. Gabe had just been up in the room talking to me. I was laying so that I was facing the window and felt someone tug on the blanket like they were trying to get my attention. I rolled over thinking Gabe had returned and was checking to see if I was asleep yet or not, but no one was there.

Gabe also has been coming into whatever room I am in lately and going "what". He has been hearing me say, "hey Gabbo" or "hey Gabe" a lot lately. When he hears it, I have not said a single word nor has anyone else.