Jan 26, 2012


I haven't updated in a while because things around here have been pretty quiet. I do have a few new things to report though.

We recently adopted a new dog. He is an older mixed breed and has taken to our family wonderfully. He isn't much of a barker at all, which we love. The only times he really barks are when someone he doesn't know comes into the yard or house or if we all leave the room to where he can't see us. Well, last night he started going crazy, barking at the front window. I had the shades pulled wide open and was facing the window and never saw anyone pass it. I even opened the front door and looked around and saw no one, however the dog continued to bark like crazy for about five minutes.

Also last night, Thaddeus (my 5 year old non-verbal autistic son) and Xay (my 3 year old son) were in their room playing. I heard a thump and then heard someone clearly say, "are you okay Xay". To this, Xay replied with, "yeah I am fine". Now the only person upstairs at all other than Xay was Thaddeus. He rarely talks and when he does, it isn't nearly as clear as what I heard. It was odd. It also wasn't Xay being silly and essentially talking to himself, because the voice was completely different. It was a child's voice...but more feminine than Xay can even fake, if that makes sense.