Jun 29, 2016

Remember the Alamo!

So I haven't posted on here (or in any of my blogs) lately and it needs to stop! Haha!

So last weekend my daughter and I headed to San Antonio for Vans Warped Tour. We had a complete blast, but did want to make a weekend out of it, so we got a hotel and decided to heard to the Alamo and the Riverwalk the next day.

I was completely unaware that the Alamo was literally just situated in the middle of San Antonio. We parked and were walking to where it was to be and all of a sudden WHAM! there it was. Obviously, I was in awe to be seeing a piece of history for the first time. I mean, the Alamo is a 300 year old building. It isn't often you find something that old in this neck of the woods.

The second we approached it, the energy of the place hit me HARD! I immediately felt anxious and my heart started racing. As we walked around, I felt a heaviness in my chest (which is a trigger to me that spirit energy is around) and randomly just wanted to burst into tears. I actually got so overwhelmed that I had to leave and the feeling didn't subside until I was blocks away.

Now I am no stranger to spiritual energies, spirits themselves or the likes...but this is the first time I have ventured into a place so rich with history. It was a little more than I was prepared to handle. I'll need to really ground myself next time and mentally prep so that I don't end up feeling like I am about to have a panic attack.

It is a beautiful place and very interesting through. I'd recommend it if you have never been. But if you are at all "sensitive", please note there is a lot of energy there.