Mar 9, 2012

Quick Update

The night before last, I was laying on bed trying to get some sleep. I had had three teeth pulled that morning, so I was a little sore and rather exhausted.

Now I have included a photo of what my bedroom looks from the viewpoint of sitting on my bed so that you all can better understand what I saw.

Ok, so I was laying in bed trying to get some rest when I heard the sound of paper rustling. There is a drawing that my daughter did hanging on the wall that sometimes blows around when my fan is on (which it was when this happened), so I looked up to see if that was what I was hearing or if it was something else. Then, I noticed something black to the right of my TV. As you can see in the photo, there is a little nook to the right of the TV with a sink and mirror. To the left of the sink is my closet. To the right is a toilet and shower area. Well I saw a black shape immediately to the right of my TV, as if something were leaning out of the closet looking into the room. It was sold black and about the size and shape of someone's head. I noticed it and immediately focused on it trying to see if it was something on the sink counter. Then, it moved! While staring right at it, it moved back as if it was retreating back into the closet. I immediately got up and looked and found nothing at all out of the ordinary.

Then yesterday, my daughter was in her room laying down (she is sick). She suddenly came into my room telling me that she heard a man say, "Go Lexie" in a whispered voice. 

(I should add that in the photo you can see a small black object to the immediate right of the TV. That is a bottle of hair product. That is actually what I thought the black object was when I saw it, until it moved.)

Mar 6, 2012


I haven't been feeling too well the last few days and with sick kids, I have been drained. Today I decided to take a quick nap in the bedroom while my husband and the kids hung out downstairs. I don't remember what had woke me, but I was laying in bed awake with my eyes closed. As clear as day, from within the room I was in, I heard someone say, "mom". I looked up expecting to see my daughter standing in the doorway. No one. The door was still closed. I sleep with a fan on to drown out background noise so in order for me to hear a voice that clearly with my door closed, it would have to have been coming from within the room with me or from right outside the door. I immediately got up and opened the door to find that I was alone upstairs. Upon going downstairs, my husband confirmed that no one had been up there and that no one had called for me.

Mar 5, 2012

Who let the dog out?

I have a female dog that has to be crated every night otherwise she pees on the carpets and gets into things. I let her outside about 45 minutes ago, and then placed her into her crate for the night. I just went to make sure the back door was locked and to close the curtains that cover the back door. My dog was relaxing in her crate and it was locked. I then pulled some stuff out of the dryer and brought it into the living room to fold. It was just a blanket and some towels, so it took me maybe 5 minutes to fold. I then went to take some towels into the kitchen and found my dog standing in the middle of the dining room. 
Her crate has two latches to lock it. She can't open it. Even if she could, it would make a lot of noise because it is metal. Even if I go out there and unlock it, it makes quite a bit of noise. I heard nothing at all.

Mar 3, 2012


There really hasn't been much to report lately.

Last night, while I was laying down on the couch and reading a book, I repeatedly saw movement near my desk. It seemed like a small black blur, but I saw it several times. It almost looked like something was on my desk or chair. It was much too large to be a bug of any kind.